Monday, 12 May 2014

Liebster Award Nomination #34567

Haip haip kapten!
Assalamualaikum for all of youuuu :)
For the third forth fifth i have been nominated! Haha thank you for Sis Izzah Hashim & Sis Nur Hanan Aqilah & Sis Iyqa Gani & Sis Siti Aisyah & My dolly, Khairul Mardhiah for tagging my name or my url :) Thank you!

All of you is older than me. Hehe thank you sis! :) I'll answer all of your questions in this entry. Let's read! :D

First at all, let's me tell you the rules! Even i know a lot of bloggers know about this right? :p

Rules when being nominated :
1-Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
2-Answer the 11 questions asked.
3-Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential.
4-Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer.
5-Notify your nominate.

Okay next, i'll answer Sis Izzah Hashim's question first :)

1. Where are you study?
=I'm studying at SMA Al-Falah Kemaman Terengganu :) 

2. What do you think special about yourself?
=No one who's same with me. I am I :) Forever be myself. My special is i love my lover back :) Wanna be my lover? Love me first :p

3. Why you start blogging?
=I love to share what i know to people :)

4. What country that you really want to travel and why?
=Makkah! I really want to go there! There is the most special place. I want to go there with all of my family and with my further husband! Heheheh :P

5. What favourite movie you like to watch?
=Spiderman3! Argh i still don't get the chance to watch the movie! A few weeks ago, my bro asks me to go watch the movie but on that time, i got my migraine back, so i can't go there! Soooooo sad :(

6. What your personal vision in your life?
=Struggle to achieve your goal! Don't just stay on your chair and see other's success :)

7. Who the best role model in your life?
=Of course my only Rasulullah SAW :) He's the best man ever! I love him so much! :)

8. What your hobby?
=Tweeting, blogging, chatting, texting, studying. Eh studying? Hahahaha yes i love it :)

9. What things that you really hate?
=Things? Em i hate when someone stalking my phone without my permission!

10. Who are your the favorite blogger?
=All of bloggers who are not so arrogant with others :)

11. What do you think about my blog and give me some tips to improve it ^^?
=I love the music! :) But i don't like a lot of flower on your blog. Hehe sorry. It seem not neat :) I hope you can change it :D

Okay next! I'll answer Sis Nur Hanan Aqilah's question :)

1. When you started creating your blog?
= Around 2012 or 2013. Don't really remember it. Hehe :)

2. What kind of music do you love to hear? Examples?
=Slow music. Like Arjuna Beta :)

3. Choose the best place in Malaysia that you will go on holiday?
= Pulau Tioman! Aummm so best! I have been there once. But i'm still can't go around there :(

4. What do you think about my blog ? Give reasons.
= Cute! So simple. I love it :) Your blog look cute because of the background's colors! :)

5. Do you love football? Which team do you prefer?
= Hahaha i don't like football :)

6. What do you think about mix and match style?
= I love it. But sometimes it's look like a clown -_- Haha you've to creative in matching your dress :)

7. Do you watch Running Man? Tell me your favourite in RM.
= Yes, but it's long times ago. I love Kang Gary! :) My birthday is same with him :D

8. Do you like selfie with monopod? Why?
= Selfie? I love it. With monopod? I don't ever get the chance to try it. Haha. I still can selfie without monopod. So, i don't ever like to buy it :)

9. Tell me your sweetest memory..
= Meet with my crush. Eh? Haha that's one of my sweetest memory :P

10. Tell me your favourite fashion blogger.
= Syira Lokman! I love her fashion's style! :D She's still cover her aurat even her dress is so beutiful! Haha love it :)

11. What do you dislike with my blog?
= The advertisement's position. Your blog is not so cute with it. Hehe. Sorry if you don't like my comment :)

Next! Sis Iyqa Gani's question!

1. "I.T" What is the first thing came across your mind when you heard this word?
= Computer! Haha seriously :)

2. What do you think about HTML coding?
= Haha i love it if i understand it. If i can't understand it, i just like asdfghjkl i hate it! Haha. I love blogskin's code but i don't understand template's code. Haha. Still studying about it :)

3. What do you look for in a blogger?
= A lot of knowledge! :)

4. Whose are your favorite blogger?
= A
ll of bloggers who are not so arrogant with others :) Same with Sis Izzah Hashim's question :) 

5. Do you love novels? Give me 1 of your favorites novel.
= Yes! I love it very much! Haha. Favorites novel? Em Cerita Cinta Ahmad Ammar :)

6. Do you like pets? What kind of pets you love?
= Em not really. Hehe. But i love rabbits!

7. Your favorite animation cartoons?
= Spongebob Squarepants! I love it :) Haha even i'm sixteen years old.

8. What is your blood type?= Huhu i don't know :?

9. What is your dream that you wish it come true?
= Hahahaha my crush like me back! Ohohoho XD

10. In your whole life, what are you looking for?
= Syurga's Allah InShaaAllah :)

11. What is your plan for your future?
= Collect a lot of pahala and enter Syurga's Allah! Ameen! Subhanallah :)

Next is Sis Siti Aisyah's question. I'll answer is in Malay because the questions is in Malay.

1. Kalau anda boleh terbang, adakah anda akan buat kerja tanpa gaji macam Superman?
= Hahahaha semestinya yaaa! Akan ku pergi melawat ke seluruh dunia terutama Makkah! :)

2. Bila kali terakhir anda pergi jumpa dentist?
= Hahaha bulan lepas tak silap. Doktor gigi! Hahaha dekat sekolah.

3. Antara TIKUS dan KATAK, mana satu anda paling tak suka?
= Tikus! Grr menakutkan -_- Katak tak lah takut manee :)

4. Adakah anda seorang KPOPPERs?
= Hahahaha semestinyaaa tidakkkkk -_-

5. Minat Running Man ( kOrean Reality Show) tak? Hehehe..
= Dulu jee :) Sekarang tidak lagi. Hehehe.

6. Pernah tak anda travel overseas? Ke negara mana?
= Hmmm tak :( Tapi akan datang InShaaAllah. Nak sambung study luar negara. Ameen harap tercapai! :D

7. Anda ada adik? kalau ada, pernah piat telinga adik korang tak?
= Hahaha bukan setakat piat, macam'macam dah buat dah. Haha XD

8. Apa mesej terakhir yang ada dalam inbox anda masa anda baca soalan saya ni?
= Phone? Semestinya daripada Celcom tersayanggggggg. "RM0 Langganan servis Video Mystery anda akan diperbaharui dalam masa 2 hari. Caj: RM1/vid utk -4video/mggu. Untuk batal, htr BATAL MYS2 ke 26666" Hahahaha romantik kan? -_-

9. Pernah tak anda kena rotan dengan cikgu?
= Hahaha pernah! Kali terakhir masa form2. Tak ingat hafazan Quran -_-

10. Sekarang ni, anda tengah guna Mozilla atau Chrome atau lain-lain?
= Torch. Hahaha.

11. Kenapa anda sanggup jawab semua soalan mengarut saya ni.....??!
= Hahaha sebab saya sayang bloggers yang peramah :P

Okay lastly My dolly, Khairul Mardiah's question :)

1. What do you think about my blog?
= Simple and cute! But still have to edit :)

2. Who always motivated you?
= My hero! Encik Zulkafali a.k.a my only father! :) And my crush. Eh? Hahahaha XD

3. Do you have twitter, instagram? Tell me.
= Haha yes i have it :)

4. What do you do if you in stress?
= Text to my sahabat or my gang or my crush. Hahaha XD

5. What is your motto?
= Stay strong and love ALLAH :)

6. What is you favorite singer?
= Maher Zain! And Siti Nurhaliza :) I have done answer this question HERE

7. What do yo do just now?
= Update entry and stalking others blog :)

8. What is your ambition?
= Accountant. Lawyer. Teacher. Hahaha a lot of ambition -_-

9. Describe yourself.
= Not so good. But trying to be a good person to everyone! :)

10. Boyfriend or friends did you choose. And why?
= Of course friends. Friends are more important than boyfriend :)

11. Who do you love?
= Allah. Nabi Muhammad SAW. My family. My dolly(s). My friends. My crush. Hahahaha XD

The Nominees Are……..

1- Ibnu Ramli
2- Daun Hijau
3- Si Kanta Coklat
4- Intan Amani
5- Fiemi
6- Aspire Angel
7- Siti Nurul Ain'nun
8- Hana Hafis
9- Niyaz Zara
10- Irene Valerie
11- Rikochikato Dain

My next question. Haha so lazy to think. But because i love you guys, here the question~

  1. What's your crush name? Hahaha ada bran? :P
  2. What's your favorite subject?
  3. What do you think about your personality?
  4. What will you do if your best friend doesn't want to talk with you?
  5. If you have a crush, do you want to tell him/her your feeling?
  6. Do you hate prefect school? But why?
  7. If you're totally get mad, what will you do?
  8. If you're a prefect school, what'll you do if the students still do what was you ban him/her?
  9. You know couple is haram, but if someone ask you to couple with him/her, what will you do?
  10. If there's someone who's waiting for you for a long time, do you accept him/her?
  11. Do you love me? Hahaha :P

p/s : The questions are not to serious. Heheh :)

Happy answer it guys! :)


  1. akk pn tgk kumpul soalan2 yg di tag ;-)

  2. ahahaha.. terima ksih jwb...

    Insya-ALLAH.. Ameenn...

  3. checked :) thanks ye sudi jawab soalan2 akak tu ..hihi btw thanks lagi sekali sudi bg cdgn..hahaha yes! memang semak dgn bunga..ok next time bunga2 tu harus dicantas..:)

  4. Thanks sudi jawab Imah .. Sayang Imah ! :D

  5. @Nur Hanan Aqilah :) You're welcome :O Hahaha sayang akak jugak!

  6. Yahhh! Thanks tag akak! ILYSM!! Btw goodluck! :)

  7. @Irene Valerie Hahaha no problem. ILYTSM! Hahaha thank you :D

  8. Oooo...baru paham..siannya bila orang dah banyak umur ni baru nak blaja belog melog ni bagai..bhahahaha!

    Ok..nanti hakaaak(baca sengau sikit) balas jawapan ya..tq adik sudi tag hakaaak(sengau lagi panjang) ni..mmuuaahh! ☺

  9. @Hana Hafis Haha no hal sis :D Okayyy jangan sengau sengau ye? Haha XD


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