Sunday, 9 February 2014

"A.I.L.I.Y.Y's First Giveaway :D"

With bless of our Almighty one ,  I participate this Giveaway :)

(click banner to join)

do support and promote Ailiyy's by hook or by crook :) she's still in beginner stage 's blogger :D  

anda dijemput untuk memeriahkan and mempromosikan GA ini untuk menjadi pemenang and top refferal!
I'm judge the winner honestly and no bias at all :3
do believe me :D

top refferal :
- fridge magnet Miracle In December ( exo )
- smurf shoe hp plug
- komik + 1 big poster (snsd / suju) + cursor

other(s) :
simple header
L.A Coffee 
poskad korea + blogger card + topup RM5 
hand socks 
keychain bantal 
review blog 

peserta kurang 30 dibatalkan :3 so, please promote as well :D

No instagram account. Sorry~


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